Medical Negligence: If the patient is not being treated properly in the hospital then you can complain from here, know!


It can be quite challenging for a patient to find appropriate treatment in a hospital. It is often seen that hospitals focus only on extorting money and they can go to any extent for this. As a result, patients may not receive adequate care and may even be denied appropriate treatment. This negligence is called medical negligence, against which you can file a complaint. If you or someone you know has experienced this, here's how you can file a complaint against a negligent hospital.

When does negligence occur?

In many hospitals, elderly patients are not properly cared for and are often left at the mercy of inexperienced or new doctors. Many times, patients may even die due to negligence in treatment. In some cases, wrong medicines, negligence during surgery or unnecessary surgery are also seen. Hospitals and their employees can be held responsible for such negligence and a case can be registered against them.


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Potential Legal Consequences

Medical negligence is considered a crime in India and doctors or staff found guilty can face prison terms. Additionally, compensation may need to be provided for any damages. In cases where the patient dies, a case can be registered under Section 304A, which carries a prison term of six months to two years. Similar legal action can be taken in other cases of negligence.

Where to lodge a complaint?

Now the question arises where can you file a complaint? Complaints about negligence in hospitals can be made to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or the hospital administration. You can also lodge a complaint with the police. Submit a copy to the State Medical Council. After this, the case will proceed in court and if the allegations are proven true, you can get compensation and action will be taken against the accused staff.