Mask-proof Lipstick: Due to the mask, you are not able to apply lipstick, so try these 4 tips

Mask-proof Lipstick: Due to the mask, you are not able to apply lipstick, so try these 4 tips

If you are one of those people who like to apply lipstick daily, then you too must be in trouble because of the mask. Masks have become an integral part of our lives, even our skin has slowly got used to it.

However, when it comes to makeup, masks tend to spoil it, especially lipsticks. Any makeup is incomplete without lipstick. This is the reason why we all avoid applying lipstick with a mask, as it not only spoils the mask but can also spread the lipstick on the face. Today we are giving you such tips, with the help of which you will be able to wear a mask comfortably with lipstick.


Start with exfoliation. Scrubbing the lips daily makes them soft and the color of the lipstick lasts longer. After that apply lip balm. Always moisturize the lips before applying lipstick. It is important to smooth and hydrate the lips first, the lipstick will not last long on flaky and chapped lips. Therefore, apply lip balm 15-20 minutes before applying lipstick.

Lip liner

Lip liner forms a barrier between the lipstick and the skin. Due to this, the lipstick does not spread around the lips. This barrier also locks in moisture, helping your lipstick to last longer. Choose a lip liner that matches the natural color of your lips. Line up the outer corners with this and then fill in the gap.


While applying the mask over the lipstick, it should be kept in mind that which chemical the lipstick is made of. Do not opt ​​for glossy or liquid lipsticks as they can increase the chances of getting smudged inside the mask. Matte lipstick is best to wear under a mask.

Loose powder

Loose powder seals the moist consistency of the lipstick making it last longer. It also prevents makeup from falling off. After you have applied the lipstick, finish the look with loose powder. Take a little powder on your finger and apply it to the lips.