Mars Transit 2024: Mars transit after 23rd April is not good for this zodiac sign, which may lead to divorce.


Mars transit in Pisces 2024: Mars will enter Pisces on 23 April. This transit of Mars is not auspicious for some zodiac signs. Know which zodiac signs need to be careful.

Transit of Mars in Pisces 2024: In astrology, Mars is considered the lord of courage and bravery. He has the status of warrior and commander. Mars is a violent planet by nature. Mars will enter Pisces on 23 April 2024 at 08:19 am.

This transit of Mars will not be good for some people. Due to this transit, difficulties may increase in the love life of people of some zodiac signs. Let us know for which zodiac sign this transit of Mars will increase difficulties.


The problems of Aries people may increase due to Mars entering Pisces. There is a possibility of a lot of ups and downs in the relationships of these people. During this period, Aries people will find it difficult to save their relationships. You may feel disappointed and unhappy in your relationship. Your coordination with your partner may also deteriorate. At this time you will need to be patient.

Leo sun sign

People of Leo zodiac should be careful due to the transit of Mars. At this time, your harsh words may weigh heavily on you. Anything that comes out of your mouth can create a rift in your relationship. A little carelessness of Leo people can spoil their relationship. You will have to develop your relationship with your partner very thoughtfully.


This transit will not be good for Libra people. It will be difficult for you to maintain happiness and peace in your relationship. Ego may arise between both of you. Your fights with your partner may increase. You should avoid any kind of dispute with your partner. The goiter disease of Mars can also hurt married people.


Scorpio people may have bad relationships with their partners. Mars can create tension in your relationships. Your ego can become the enemy of your love. It will be difficult for you to maintain sweetness and love in your relationship. You have to develop trust in your partner. This transit will be challenging for the people of this zodiac sign.

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