Married Life: rse. Let us know what a wife should not say to her husband after a fight!


Married Life Tips: After marriage, it is very normal to have small differences or fights between husband and wife, but this fight should not be taken further, only then the relationship will last for life. Although efforts should be made to never lead to a fight, even after all the efforts, if an argument does arise, then the wife should not say such things to her husband that the matter may get worse. Let us know what a wife should not say to her husband after a fight.


1. Do not remind of an old mistake

Whenever a wife fights with her husband, she should not remind him of his past mistakes, because digging up dead bodies will spoil the hair instead of improving it, or the fight may escalate further. Your goal is to end the fight, not add more fuel to the fire.

2. Don't be hasty in resolving disputes.

Sometimes you become very serious about a fight, in such a situation, do not try to control the damage immediately, because this can make the issue worse. It is better to give the environment a chance to cool down. If you try to convince your angry husband, there is a risk that his anger will increase further. Sometimes time heals every wound, so with understanding this dispute will also be resolved.

3. Don't pretend to fix the issue


If you want to resolve the dispute with your husband, then do this work with all your heart. Don't just pretend that you want to fix everything. It is not easy for any person to hide fake emotions. If the mistake is yours, do not hesitate to apologize and resolve the matter quickly.

4. Do not comment on husband's relatives

It often happens that when a husband and wife fight, they start making lewd comments on each other's relatives. The wife should not start this, otherwise, the husband will lash out at the parents and then this cycle will continue.