Marriage Tips: These small mistakes spoil the relationship after marriage


To love and to fulfill it after marriage is a task of great responsibility. It has been seen many times that when people get married after being in a relationship for many years, their married relationship does not last long. Soon it starts getting bitter. The result is divorce and separation. After marriage or if you want to maintain the relationship forever, then it is important that some things should be taken care of. So let's know what are those things that must be kept in mind in a relationship.


Small fights are normal in any relationship. But quarreling all the time and then thinking that this is bound to happen. This is not right. Because by constantly fighting amongst themselves after disagreeing on every subject, negativity comes into the mind of the partner. Then he does not feel the sweetness in the relationship even after wanting it. Therefore, as little as possible, efforts should be made to fight.


it is necessary to express feelings
If you intend to spend your whole life with your partner, then it is important to make him aware of your feelings. Expressing feelings is essential in any relationship. Sometimes relationships break up because of not expressing good feelings. Because the partner in front does not know how much you love and respect him.


Being jealous of the partner's success, beauty, or social status is a sign of the end of the relationship. Because once such thoughts come into your mind, you will not be able to think good for your partner even if you want. That is why it is important not to let feelings like jealousy or jealousy come into the relationship.

If you still think about X or share it with your partner. So turn it off immediately. Worrying about X or talking about him fills the partner with a feeling of insecurity. If there is a desire to keep the relationship safe, then one should not talk about X with the partner.