Marriage Scheme: A mass marriage scheme runs in this state, the government gives money for marriage!


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In many states, various schemes are implemented for the welfare of the poor, including marriage-related schemes. In such schemes, the entire wedding expense is borne by the government and some money is also deposited in the daughter's account. The Uttar Pradesh government is also running a similar scheme, which has been discussed a lot recently. This discussion arose when a case of marriage of a brother and sister came to light, where they participated in the marriage only to get government funds. Today we will discuss the benefits of this scheme.

How marriages are conducted:

Under the Chief Minister Group Marriage Scheme, needy/destitute families are provided financial assistance for the marriage of their daughters. Widows/abandoned/divorced women also get benefit from this scheme. Weddings are conducted according to the beliefs, customs and traditions of all religions. Many couples were married together.

Money is deposited in the account:

Under the scheme of the Uttar Pradesh government, a total of Rs 51,000 is given for marriage. This is why many fake cases keep coming to light, where people get married just to get money. Of this, Rs 35,000 is deposited into the bride's account, and Rs 10,000 is spent on wedding accessories, paraphernalia, etc. The remaining Rs 6,000 is spent on making the wedding ceremony grand.

Who benefits from the scheme?

To avail of the benefits of this scheme, it is necessary for the daughter's parents to be natives of Uttar Pradesh. The annual income of the family should not exceed Rs 2 lakh. The bride's age should be at least 18 years and the groom's age should be 21 years. Applicants belonging to Scheduled Caste and Backward Class will also have to submit a caste certificate along with their application.