Marriage Grant: The government gives 20 thousand rupees for the daughter's marriage, this much money will come directly into the account!


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The Central and State Governments run various schemes for the benefit of all sections of the society, thereby providing direct benefits to the people. Especially for the poor, governments bring schemes with the aim of strengthening them economically.

In poor families, when their daughters get married, they have to face many difficulties because they do not have enough money to meet the marriage expenses. Uttar Pradesh government is running a scheme for poor families, under which financial assistance is provided for the marriage of daughters of poor families.


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If the daughter is 18 years old and her husband is 21 years old then they can apply under this scheme. The application can be made 90 days before and after the marriage.

Below the poverty line people belonging to the Scheduled Caste/General category, whose annual income is less than Rs. Rs 56,460 in urban areas. 46,080 people in rural areas can benefit from this scheme.


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To avail of the benefits of this scheme, one has to apply on, where you can also find other related information.