Marriage Certificate: It is also necessary to have a marriage certificate, Will be left behind in availing these benefits..


In any society, marriage is a new relationship not only between two people but also between two families. Two people get married in the presence of family and relatives with Agni as their witness.


If you have got married but have not yet got the marriage certificate, then this information may be useful for you.

Do you know, it is not only important to get married, but it is also important to register it. If you do not do this then big problems can arise in many situations. Marriage registration is done under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and Special Marriage Act 1954.

In this article, we are telling all the important things related to the marriage certificate-
Why is it necessary to get a marriage certificate?

Making marriage certificates proves to be useful in many cases-
     If you are working somewhere and are choosing a married option in marital status, then your marriage certificate becomes the proof of marriage. This is necessary for both government and non-government institutions.
     If you want to avail the benefit of any scheme of the Central or State Government which has been brought for husband and wife, then for this it is necessary to have a marriage certificate.
     After the death of her husband, widowed women also get the benefits of government schemes on the basis of marriage certificates.
     The marriage certificate also becomes the basis for filing an FIR against a husband or wife related to domestic matters.
     To apply for divorce, it is necessary that you have proof of marriage i.e. marriage certificate.
     If you want to become a permanent citizen of another country, then also it is necessary for the couple to show the marriage certificate.
     If you want to open a joint account in the bank, then a marriage certificate can be used as the basis.

When can the marriage be registered?
If you are newly married then you should apply for a marriage certificate within 30 days. However, if there is some delay then the marriage can be registered even after five years of marriage with an extra fee.

Let us tell you, if it is more than 5 years, only the concerned District Registrar can give an exemption.
How to apply for a marriage certificate

For a marriage certificate, one has to apply to the marriage registrar. After getting the appointment, you will have to go to the Registrar on the appointed day with all the necessary documents.

You can visit the government website of your state in online mode. Here the option of marriage registration is available. On getting an appointment, you can visit the office on the appointed day with two witnesses and documents.

For Delhi -


Documents required for marriage certificate
     application form
     Address proof
     Age certificate of the couple (Birth or 10th certificate)
     couple id card
     Aadhar card
     Two passport-size photographs
     wedding joint photo
     wedding card
     Temple. In case of marriage taking place in Gurudwara, Church, a certificate received from there
     two witnesses
     Divorce certificate of first marriage on second marriage
     Death certificate on death of first husband
     Court documents on court marriage

Age of couple to register marriage
Let us tell you, to get a marriage certificate, it is necessary that the woman be at least 18 years of age on the date of marriage. Apart from this, the age of the male must be 21 years.

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