Malpua Recipe: Make Tasty Malpua from Leftover Bread, know the recipe here...


You must have made and eaten many types of Malpua or Gulgule, but if you want to make Malpua quickly, then you can make it from the leftover bread at home. Know its recipe.


Material :
Leftover bread, cup of milk or ghee for frying

For filling
1/2 cup khoya, 1.5 tbsp sugar, 1/4 cup finely chopped nuts (almonds, chironji, cashew), 1 tsp desi ghee, as needed sugar syrup (pre-prepared)

Method :
- Pour ghee into a nonstick pan. Add nuts to it and fry well. Now grind it coarsely. Add khoya to the same pan and fry it. Add nuts to it. Add sugar and fry well.

-Keep this mixture aside to cool down. Cut off the edges of the bread. Lightly moisten the bread slices. Fill khoya in it. Prepare the desired shape in this way.


-Deep fry all these malpuas. Dip them in hot syrup. Now enjoy Bread Malpua.