Male Fertility: Men should take these measures to improve fertility!


Men's reproductive health is just as important as women's. This is the reason why men's reproductive health also needs equal attention. Reproductive health refers to the overall health of an individual. Including sperm count, its deficiency can lead to chronic diseases as well as shorten life. So let us find out what factors affect male fertility, and how they can be improved.

1. Improve the environment around you

In the last few years, due to excessive use of plastic, pollution, carbon emissions, and global warming, our environment has suffered a lot. Which has a direct effect on our health as well. This is the reason that along with cancer, and chronic diseases, fertility has also decreased in the last few decades. To improve your fertility, you should remove things from life that cause pollution. In this, from reducing the use of plastic, avoid the use of artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and food preservatives, as they work to reduce sperm count and quality.


2. Reduce the use of electronic gadgets.

In this digital world, the use of mobile, tablet, and laptop is common. Now it seems impossible to do anything without using them, however, they also have a bad effect on our health, so keep them away from you whenever possible. According to a recent study, the Wi-Fi signals emanating from the cell phone kept in the pant pocket have an adverse effect on the mobility and quality of sperm.

3. Planning for a child at an older age:

Nowadays people plan for children after the age of 30. According to science, sperm quality decreases with age, and pregnancy becomes difficult. Very few men know about this. The age of conception for both women and men is less than 30 years and can be extended up to 35 years. Complications increase after this age.

4. Smoking or drinking

Cigarette smoking, daily use of alcohol or tobacco, etc. also affect the mobility and quality of sperm. Testicular tissue is very sensitive to circulating toxins and sperm production is severely damaged by continuous exposure to these toxins. Men should immediately remove such toxic things from their lives to improve fertility.