Malai Cream Benefits: Do you also remove the cream from milk? Knowing the benefits, will start eating from today!


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Milk cream tastes very good. Just looking at this cream makes my mouth water. Milk cream is used extensively in our homes. In Ayurveda, it is called "Santanika". Milk cream is considered a medicine in Ayurveda. Eating milk cream gives strength to the body. It has many benefits. It works to eliminate many diseases. Let us know what are the benefits of eating milk cream.

What are the benefits of milk cream?

Beneficial for men:

According to health experts, men must eat milk cream. This is very beneficial for them. Eating milk cream makes their body stronger. This also improves their married life. Eating milk cream at night has great benefits.

Removes impurities from the body:

Santanika or milk cream is no less than a medicine for those who have increased bile and toxic substances in their blood. It eliminates bile and toxic substances present in the blood. This provides relief from blood-related problems, allergies and many other problems.

Freedom from Vayu disorders:

It is said in Ayurveda that Vayu disorders should be kept balanced because if any problem arises in it then the body can be surrounded by many diseases. In such a situation, milk cream can be helpful in balancing air disorders. It helps in eliminating diseases.

What are the side effects of eating milk cream?

As much as milk cream is beneficial for the body, it can also be harmful if consumed in excess, hence health experts recommend consuming it in limited quantities only. Consuming milk cream in large quantities can have the most harmful effects on the digestive system. This may cause digestive problems.