Makeup Tips: Your makeup look is incomplete without a blusher, these tips will be useful in preparing for Ganeshotsav!


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Ganeshotsav is starting with great enthusiasm from 19th September. During this 10-day festival, many people bring their beloved Bappa home and worship him fervently. At this time women and girls dress up and worship. Women also participate in some public bodies. If you also want to look different and beautiful on this Ganesh Chaturthi, then avoid some mistakes while applying blusher. Remember that applying blusher incorrectly can make you look older than your age. Here's how to find a blusher and how to apply it.

There are three types of blushers.

There are three types of blushers. Powder blush, which is in powder form and is suitable for oily skin. The second one is liquid blush. This blush comes in a tube and is a little sticky. You can apply it on dry skin. But while applying it, attention should also be paid to its blending. The third blush is a cake or cream base. It is good for combination skin. This keeps the skin hydrated.

Tips for Applying Blusher

Rosy Glow

Well-applied blusher can bring freshness and a rosy glow to your dull skin. For this, applying a little golden shimmer in a blusher will balance your features.

Adequate Coverage

It is very important for you to know the right way to apply cream blusher, mousse blusher powder, liquid, or gel blusher to give proper coverage to the face.


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Round face:

If your face is round then you should apply a blusher in V shape on the cheeks. Also, apply a light blusher on the chin.

Blusher color:

Two things should be kept in mind while choosing blusher colors. The first is the color of your dress and the second is the color of your skin. Choose the shade of blusher as per your choice.

Powder Blusher

Blusher gives you a bold look, as it provides medium to heavy coverage. This can be the best choice to shade and contour your cheeks. To apply it, place the dome-shaped blusher brush on the blusher and rotate it around. Then smile and apply with light strokes on the apples of the cheeks. Apply it in upward strokes. Blend it well with a brush.


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Gel Blusher

You can use gel blusher for both cheeks and lips. Note that the texture of the cream gel is different from the liquid. It gives a long-lasting and natural matte stain look.

How to apply blusher:

Before applying blusher, first make a foundation base and apply blush on the face. For blush, take blusher with a good blending brush and before applying it on the cheeks, pat it on the hand and apply it on the cheeks. This will keep an extra blush on the hands and make it easier to blend on the cheeks. After applying the blusher, do not forget to blend it well with a brush. Always apply blusher from ear to cheek. Blend down towards the ears, applying below the cheeks.