Makeup Tips: Lipstick makes the lips dry then these tips will work


Many girls complain of chapped lips after applying lipstick. They think that this is happening because of applying lipstick for a long time. But many times they make some mistakes while applying lipstick. As a result, even after applying the best lipstick, the lips become chapped and dry after some time. Lips with lifeless and cracked lipstick look very bad. So let's know how the lips can be saved from lifeless and cracked.


If your lips start cracking after applying lipstick, then it is important to check the quality of the lipstick. Choose a glossy lipstick for your lips or look at the ingredients of the lipstick. Because matte lipstick which lasts for a long time has less oil content. In such a situation, they become the cause of cracks on the lips.


Before applying lipstick on the lips, it is necessary to exfoliate it. With the continuous application of lipstick, the layer of lipstick gets stuck in the cracks. In such a situation, scrub it well before any good lip scrub. By doing this the layer of grime on the lips will be cleaned and the lipstick will keep the lips soft for a long time.

Make a habit of applying lip balm. Whenever you are doing makeup, apply lip balm on the lips before applying lipstick. This keeps the lips moisturized and they will look shiny.

Make a habit of applying lip liner before applying lipstick. Lip liner is not only used to give the right shape to the lips. At the same time, by applying it to the entire lip, a layer is formed. Due to which the lipstick does not fill in the cracks of the lips. Also, the lipstick stays on the lips for a long time.