Makeup Tips: Keep these things in mind while applying lipstick, you will get smooth look...


Fashion Tips: Lipstick is a very important part of every girl's makeup. Be it office or party girls never forget to apply lipstick before going anywhere. This is such a makeup product, using which every girl's look gets four moons. There are many types of lipsticks, and the method of applying them is also different. All women choose the shade of lipstick according to their complexion and profession.


It is easy to choose the shade of lipstick, but many girls do not know the right way to apply lipstick. Because of this sometimes the lipstick looks bad. Due to this, in today's news, we will tell you the right way to apply lipstick. If you follow these things then your lips will neither look dry nor too glossy. So without delay, let us tell you the right way to apply lipstick.

Apply lipstick in this way
Whenever you start applying lipstick, always do it from the middle of the lips. When applied from the edge, the lipstick spreads and due to this, the shape of your lips also does not look good.

Keep this in mind while applying matte lipstick
While applying lipstick, first apply lip balm. If you do not do this, then the matte lipstick will start to move. That's why apply lip balm first. Along with this, always apply matte lipstick directly. Do not use a brush for this. If your lipstick has frozen, then correct it by adding hot water.

Do double coating on lips
Many matte lipsticks are very drying. If you apply one coat of this, then the lips feel dry. Because of this, always apply only two coats of lipstick. After applying the first coat, place the tissue on it and press lightly. Now apply lipstick on the lips for the second time.


Pay special attention to quality
While applying lipstick, keep in mind that old expired lipstick can cause allergies to your lips. In many cases, reactions have also been seen with local lipstick.