Makeup Tips For Navratri Dandia: Make such a make-up on Navratri so that the glow and sweat on the face are controlled


Makeup Tips For Navratri Dandia If you also want to play Garba during Navratri, then take out the fear of spoiling the make-up due to sweat in summer and have a lot of fun. To control sweat on Navratri, do makeup by adopting some tips.

 This time Navratri is being celebrated well across the country, taking precautions amidst the decreasing cases of the corona. On the occasion of Navratri, many types of events are being organized across the country, somewhere Dandiya Nights and somewhere Garba are being celebrated. If you also want to go to some Jagran or play Garba during Navratri, then enjoy it without the tension of heat and sweat. Yes, wants to play Garba and is afraid of spoiling the makeup of the face due to heat and sweat, then remove this fear from the heart. We are telling you about some special tips to do makeup, which will not only control sweat but will also make your face glow.

Face massage with ice:

Massage your face with ice before applying makeup on your face. If you have oily skin, then after cleaning the face, use an astringent lotion with the help of cotton on the face.

Must use primer on face:

If you want to get ready to play Garba, then you must use a primer on the face before applying makeup. Primer is the foundation of makeup so that your makeup will stay on your face for a long time and the face will not look ugly due to sweat.

Choose Light Blusher:

If you are using a blusher for makeup, then use a light blusher only. Using too dark and flashy blusher will not make your face look good when you sweat. It is best to use a light blusher for breakfast in a mess.

Use face powder and foundation according to the skin:

If you have oily skin, then use face powder on your face, this will keep the oil in the control of your skin. If the skin is dry or normal, then you can use foundation.

Keep in mind the color of the lipstick:

If your makeup is dark, then keep the color of your lipstick light. If you are using light color in eye makeup, then you can use dark lipstick color. In this way, the combination of makeup will remain on your face.

Apply waterproof kajal:

It is natural to sweat in the heat and while doing the Garba. Sweat can spread mascara on your face, so you should use waterproof mascara.

Lastly, apply translucent powder:

After applying makeup, apply translucent powder to give it the finishing touch. This powder will prevent sweating on the face, as well as the face will look beautiful too.