Makeup Tips: Along with giving a natural look, lavender blush suits every color, apply like this\

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Be it on a Zoom call or in a one-to-one meeting, are you able to apply any shade of your blush palette to show yourself confidence? Did you know that any shade of blush can make your face glow? Lavender blush is in trend these days, which will look attractive.

Just like we tried Unicorn Highlights, Lavender can also be tried. Lavender is a very bright color when you look at it, but it also has many shades, just like it has a whole palette. Peach and pink lavender shade. It gives you a natural look, as well as suits every complexion. The same goes for trying lavender blush.

1. Will work as a highlighter

It can be difficult to swipe on a lavender shade without covering your face, but the right technique of applying it can make it easier. Lavender blush shade works better to highlight your skin tone than peach or pink shade. Now how would you feel? This is because purple is part of the color correcting family, so it works to even out the skin tone. The best part is that this shade gives a glow like a highlighter, giving you a glow.

2. Choose the Right Shade

Lavender is a soft shade that suits light-to-medium skin tones, as it gives cheeks a pop of color. It is good for darker skin tones to choose a shade that leans more towards light purples. You can choose the right finish—matte, glittery, or shimmery—for your skin type and preference, and when you're comfortable wearing lavender, move on to deep purple.

3. Put it like this

If you are using lavender blush on cheeks, then always keep in mind that eye makeup or lip makeup should be light. A better option would be to apply a light-tinted lip balm on the lips, which is trending these days.