Makeup Mistakes: Do not make these mistakes while doing makeup after the age of 50, otherwise the look will get spoiled!



Makeup is the first choice of every woman and it has nothing to do with age. While doing makeup, many times we unknowingly make such mistakes which can spoil the entire look. Nowadays, women of all ages are fond of looking stylish and along with fashionable clothes, they also pay attention to makeup. However, after a certain age, it becomes necessary to take special care of your skin. If we neglect our skin, makeup can make our face look even worse. Today we will discuss some common makeup mistakes that you should avoid, especially after age 50.

Avoid too-dark eye makeup:

Most of the women apply a lot of makeup around the eyes during the makeup process, which can have a negative impact on their look. Avoid using too dark eyeshadow or dark black pencils and eyeliner. As we age, pigmentation around the eyes increases, making overly dark eye makeup potentially detrimental to your appearance.

Matte lipsticks and glosses:

Be careful while using matte lipsticks and lip glosses after the age of 50. Instead of matte lipstick, use primer before applying and consider a light lipstick or lip balm as an alternative to lip gloss.



Lower Eye Makeup:

Many makeup experts say that after the age of 50, you should use a waterproof pencil on the upper water line and upper lash line. Do not use it on the lower part of the eyes for fresh eye makeup.

Light shade eyeshadow:

Choose eyeshadow shades that suit your age. Do not use light shadow as you age. To accentuate your eyes, choose mid-tone eyeshadow shades like this one instead of dark blue.


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Eye lash primer:

Always use eyelash primer before applying makeup. This not only adds thickness to your eyelashes but also enhances the beauty of your eyes. For clean eye makeup, consider using eyelash primer, especially as you age.