Make Raisin at Home: Make Raisins at home with grapes worth Rs 100, know its easy way..


Make Raisin at Home: There are many types of properties present in raisins, which fulfill the deficiency of iron in the body. If you buy it from the market then it gets very expensive, but if you make it at home then you will save a lot of money. In today's article, we will tell you how to make raisins at home in an easy way. So that you can prepare Tasty Raisins for less money.


Things needed to make raisins at home
1 kilo of grapes

If you want to make raisins at home, first take one kilo of grapes and wash them thoroughly. After washing it well, take out its stem and separate it. Otherwise, its test can be spoiled. If you have an idli steamer, then it is good enough, otherwise, use a plain steamer as a steamer.

Fill the steamer with water according to its size. Fill the grapes in the steamer tray and put them on the gas. After about twenty minutes, after turning off the gas and opening the steamer, you will see the yellow color of the grapes. After changing the color, take it out and put it on a cotton sheet, and spread it in a place where there is sunlight. Let it dry like this for two to three days.


After the set time you will see that the grapes will start to shrink. While drying, keep in mind that they remain separate. Otherwise, its taste can be affected. On the third day, you keep it under the fan to dry. Just now your raisins are ready. You can use it throughout the year by keeping it in an airtight container.
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