Make compost from peels of fruits and vegetables in this way, plants will be laden with fruits and flowers!


From vegetables to fruits, chemical fertilizers and many other chemicals are used in most of the foods coming into the market these days so that they can grow faster. This is the reason that now every seasonal vegetable and fruit is easily available in other seasons, but instead of benefiting from it, it can cause harm to your health, so if you do natural gardening at your home, then buy fertilizers from the market. Instead of bringing it, you can make compost at home.

If you have planted plants in your home garden, but they are not producing many fruits, flowers and vegetables, or the trees and plants are not growing properly, then know how you can prepare organic fertilizer from the peels of fruits and vegetables. Are. This will not cost any money and kitchen waste will also be reused. With this fertilizer, your plants will also grow faster. So let us know in detail.

How to prepare fertilizer at home

To prepare compost at home, keep collecting kitchen waste i.e. peels of vegetables and fruits separately in a bucket and by doing this process for about a week, a good amount of waste will be collected. After this, put all these peels in the sun and dry them. When all the waste dries completely, put it in a bucket, mix cow dung in it and add water to it too. Now keep this bucket or container in a cool place for a few days. After keeping it with cow dung solution for 4 to 5 days, take it out and then use it in your garden every week.

Compost can also be prepared in this way

To make compost of fruits and vegetables, take one or two big pots, which do not have any holes. Now first apply a layer of soil in these pots, cut the peels of fruits and vegetables into small pieces and spread a layer. Apply a layer of dry leaves from trees on top of it and then spread a layer of soil on top of it. Now sprinkle water over it and keep it in the sun. Keep adding water to it in between and repeat the process of fruit-vegetable peels and soil and leave it like this for about a month. In this way, your compost will be ready.

Prepare liquid fertilizer in this way

You can also prepare liquid fertilizer from the peels of fruits and vegetables and use it on your trees and plants. The best thing is that it will not take you much time to prepare it. First of all, put kitchen waste i.e. vegetable and fruit peels in a jar and fill it with water and keep it closed. Leave this jar like this for about two to three days. After this, filter and use this water on plants. You can also store this liquid fertilizer for 15 to 20 days.