Make a stylish phone cover for yourself in these ways at home

phone cover

Today the phone has become an essential part of our life, for whose safety we need a phone cover. Not only this, but beautiful phone covers also give a good look to your phone. Although many types of phone covers are available in the market, they are very expensive. In such a situation, if you want, you can make a phone cover for yourself with the help of some things kept at home. If you have an interest in art and craft then this DIY will be very helpful for you. Due to its creative and beautiful look, you can make it and gift it to someone.

In today's article, we will tell you how you can make phone covers for yourself at home. The method of making it is very simple and you do not even need much material to make it.

Pop socket phone cover

phone cover

In today’s time when there is a fear of falling and slipping of the phone, you also have to take care of the safety of your phone. By installing a pop socket phone cover, you can easily hold the phone, after which the chances of falling off the phone are reduced. Although it can be found in the market, you can prepare it at home for only 60 to 70 rupees. 


  • Transparent Phone Case-1
  • Palm Palm - 1
  • Pop Socket- 1
  • Glitter Sheet - 2 (Colour of choice)
  • Scissors - 1
  • Glu-1

How to make-

  • First, cut the glitter sheet and make 2 stitches and make a mouth.
  • After this connect the pom with the pop socket with the help of glue.
  • Then attach the pop socket on the phone cover properly.
  • To decorate the phone case, take a glitter sheet and cut it according to the phone case.
  • After this stick the sheet on the phone case with the help of glue. 

With these easy steps, your palm socket phone cover will be ready. After this, you will be able to easily hold the phone while taking a photo or watching a video.

Galaxy phone case-

phone cover

You can also make something creative out of your broken phone cover. If you have any old or dirty phone cover, then you can clean it and use it again. Galaxy phone cover gives a very different look to your phone, with few easy steps you can prepare it at home.


  • phone case (old)
  • Nail Paint - 3 (Pink, Purple, Blue)
  • Foam - 2 (small pieces)
  • white watercolor -1
  • Toothbrush - 1

How to make-

  • First of all, apply pink and blue color nail paint on the phone case, after that spread the nail paint well with the help of foam.
  • Then apply blue and pink nail paint on the phone case in the same way with the help of foam. By doing this the Galaxy Base of your phone cover will be ready. 
  • After this, take a toothbrush and apply white paint color on it and with the help of brush spray white color on the phone case.

With these easy methods, your old phone cover will also be ready like a Galaxy phone cover. 

Classy paper phone cover

Many times you must have seen that sometimes something is written on the phone covers, which also tells about your personality. If you want, you can also prepare such unique covers at home.

Things Required-

  • NewsPaper - 1
  • Glu - 1
  • Permanent Marker-1
  • Old Phone Case - 1

How to make -

  • First, cut the newspaper into small pieces.
  • Then with the help of glue, paste these paper pieces on the phone case.
  • After this, write your favorite quote or word on the phone with a permanent marker.

With these three steps, your paper phone cover will be ready.

Fabric phone cover

phone cover

There are many old clothes kept in your house. If you want, you can also prepare a perfect phone cover for yourself with their help. This fabric phone cover looks very different and beautiful to look at, you can also easily prepare it at home.

Things required- 

  • fancy cloth - 1/2 meter
  • Transparent Phone Case- 1
  • Glu - 1

How to make- 

  • First of all, cut cloth in the shape of the phone.
  • After this, stick this cut cloth on the transparent phone case with the help of glue. 

With just these two easy steps, your boring-looking phone cover will also become nice and attractive.

So these were some ways with the help of which you can make a beautiful phone cover for yourself. 

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