Make a plastic voter ID card in place of a torn old card like this, know the process!


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Lok Sabha elections have been announced and preparations for voting are underway. The Election Commission has said that voting will be held in a total of seven phases, the results of which are expected to be declared on June 4. Voting for the Lok Sabha elections will begin on April 19. Therefore, if you have not yet received your Voter ID card, it is necessary to get it now. Similarly, if you have an old voter card lying around for years, it is time to replace it. Many people have voter ID cards that were made many years ago and are now damaged. That is why today we are here to tell you about the process of making new and shiny voter cards.

Replace your old card

People who have old voter cards laminate them to keep them safe. However, due to their age, these laminations often begin to peel, making them difficult to preserve safely. If you have such an old voter card, you can opt to get a new plastic card, which is a straightforward process.

Easy process

You do not need to go anywhere to get a new Voter ID. You just have to download the Voter Helpline App from the app store of your mobile phone. Make sure you download the app from the Election Commission only, as there are many fake apps out there.

After that, you have to register with your mobile number. As soon as the app opens, you will see the option of voter registration. Then, you will see an option for correction in the entries, where you have to enter your state name and Voter ID number.

All the data of your Voter ID card will be visible to you. If you need any improvements, you can make them right there. To get a new card, you just need to enter your mobile number and click on the option to issue a replacement without correction.

You will be asked the reason for the replacement; If you opt for loss, you will have to attach a copy of the FIR. So click on the second option.

Then, click the Submit button, and you will receive a message where you can track your card.

If there are any old torn voter cards in your family, then tell them about this method also. Within a few days of applying, a new plastic voter card will be delivered to your home, which you can easily keep anywhere.