Mahashivratri 2024: Donate these 4 things to the poor on Mahashivratri, you will become rich!



Mahashivratri, a festival celebrated with great enthusiasm, is believed to mark the divine union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is believed that the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati took place on this night and they both go on a trip together on this night. In 2024, Mahashivratri has special significance as it aligns with Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, which is considered highly auspicious for financial gains and success in endeavours. Following certain practices on Mahashivratri can bring changes in one's life. Let's learn about four items you can donate on Mahashivratri:

1. Donating Ghee:

It is believed that by donating ghee on Mahashivratri, Lord Shiva is pleased and troubles go away. This work is considered effective in removing negative energy or problems from the house.

2. Donating milk:

Offering milk on Mahashivratri is considered auspicious, which symbolizes the consecration of Lord Shiva. People who donate milk on this day may experience a strong position of the Moon in their astrological chart, which contributes to mental peace.

3. Donation of sesame seeds:

Donation of black sesame seeds on Mahashivratri is associated with pleasing the ancestors and removing ancestral defects. It is believed that this task completes pending tasks and brings success in one's endeavours.



4. Donating clothes:

It is believed that donating clothes to needy people on Mahashivratri brings economic stability, prosperity at home and relief from financial burden. It is considered an act that receives the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Anointing with specific objects:

Anointing Shivalinga with honey on the day of Mahashivratri is considered auspicious. It is believed that doing this strengthens the moon, which provides mental peace.

It is believed that anointing Lord Shiva with ghee during Mahashivratri brings positive changes, especially if it is financially beneficial.

Mantra during the ritual:

While performing the ritual on Mahashivratri, it is considered auspicious to chant the mantra “Om Parvatipataye Namah” 108 times during the Abhishek. It is believed that this brings blessings of Lord Shiva, removes obstacles and brings prosperity in life.