Mahanavami 2021: To open Navratri fast, then eat this delicious dish first


The new day festival of worshiping the nine forms of Mother Durga is over now. During these nine days, devotees observe fast along with worshiping. Many people keep a fast for the entire nine days and only eat fruits during this time. If you were fasting for nine days in Navratri and are now about to break your fast on Navami then you must know what to eat and what not to eat immediately after fasting. Actually, after breaking the fast after not eating grains for nine days, it is not right to eat anything without thinking. If you may have problems with digestion or have become weak in fasting, then first eat such dishes so that your body remains healthy and weakness can be removed. Therefore, if you are going to break the fast of Navratri, then take special care of some special things. You can follow these tips regarding food. Let us know what should be eaten immediately after fasting for Navratri?



You can break the fast by offering to the mother, such as pudding, chana, or whatever you have prepared. But as a food, you should eat porridge after fasting. Make green vegetable mix porridge. This gives energy to the body. You can also have khichdi after fasting.

Dal Roti

After fasting for nine days, when you break the fast, you must eat dal roti. Both of these fulfill the lack of protein in our bodies. There is a lack of protein in the body during fasting. In such a situation, pulses and roti will be beneficial for health.


idli chutney

You can also eat idli made of semolina or rice flour with chutney. Idlis are light and also suitable for the digestive system.

If you want to eat paneer, then make roasted paneer or paneer Bhurji and eat it.

what not to eat after fasting

Do not eat too much food immediately after fasting.

Don't eat oily food. Avoid eating vegetables with more oil- Puri etc.

Eating more spicy food should also be avoided.

Don't eat sour fruits. This can lead to the possibility of acidity in the body.