Mahabharat: Why did Shakuni always follow his orders, this secret is hidden!


Mahabharat: Why did Shakuni always follow his orders, this secret is hidden!


Shakuni is considered to be the most clever and scheming character of Mahabharata. You must be aware of this that Shakuni was the brother of Gandhari and the maternal uncle of the Kauravas, due to which the Mahabharata war took place. It was Shakuni who sowed the seed of enmity towards the Pandavas in the mind of Duryodhana and got the Mahabharata war fought between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. After which the entire Kuru dynasty was destroyed. But do you know what was so special about Shakuni's dice due to which Pandavas did not get even a single win in gambling?

Shakuni wanted to take revenge on Bhishma Pitamah.

After all, why did Shakuni do all this deliberately, why did he end the family of his nephews and sister. One story regarding this matter is that he did not want his sister Gandhari to marry Dhritarashtra. Under the pressure of Bhishma, Gandhari had to marry Dhritarashtra, so out of revenge, she started living in Hastinapur and started plotting. Whereas the second part of the story is very surprising. Once Bhishma's grandfather came to know such a truth about Shakuni's sister Gandhari which angered Bhishma. Shakuni did not want this to be true and he knew it before Gandhari's marriage.


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For this, Bhishma put Shakuni's entire family in prison. Everyone in the prison was given so much food that they would slowly die of hunger, when all Shakuni's brothers started fighting among themselves for food, then his father decided that from now on all the food would be given to only one person. We all will give our lives to save a man who will avenge the injustice done to us. Shakuni was the youngest but very clever and intelligent so he got all the food. To prevent Shakuni from forgetting the injustice done to his family, everyone together broke Shakuni's leg due to which Shakuni later started limping.


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Dice were made from father's bones.

When Shakuni's father died in Bandi Graha, seeing Shakuni's interest in backgammon, he asked him to make dice from his bones. These will be filled with my anger so that no one will be able to defeat you in the game of backgammon. It was because of these dice made from his father's bones that Shakuni always managed to defeat the Pandavas, causing them to lose everything.