Luck Line In Hand: Such a fate line is considered auspicious!


The fate line in the palm is considered very important. From this, many things can be found out and it also comes to know in which things a person will get success. This line starts from the place at the bottom of the palm, which we call Manibandh, and goes upwards to the mount of Shani on the middle finger. The deeper and clearer this line is, the more powerful is the fate of the person. Maa Lakshmi's grace always remains on such people. Know more interesting information about the fate line.

Good Luck Line: People who have more than one fate line in their hands are considered very lucky. These people get success in the job, business everywhere. If the fate line comes out of the bracelet and reaches the mount of Shani without cutting it, then such people are very lucky. Such people get success in everything. If branches are coming out from the fate line, then it is also considered auspicious. Such people get good positions in their career. These people never lack money.

People whose fate line ends as a ladder, such people are very hardworking. These people make their own identity on their own. Those people on whose hand the fate line ends at the top of the palm, have got a good job. If the fate line starts from the lifeline, then the person gets money by his own hard work. People whose fate line starts from the mount of Moon in their palm, then such people achieve success with the help of others.


Weak fate line: If the fate line is wavy then you have to face problems in your career. If some other line crosses the fate line, then the life of such a person remains full of troubles. These people take a long time to take any decision. These people are very irritable. If the fate line crosses the mount of Saturn and reaches the middle finger, then it is considered inauspicious.