LPG Leakage: If gas is leaking from the cylinder then do this work, no accident will happen!


Gas connections have been installed in millions of homes across the country and people are using LPG for cooking. However, it has been seen many times that due to some carelessness, gas can leak, which can lead to the risk of a major accident. Today we are giving you information about what to do in case of gas leakage. Many times people ignore the smell of gas, which leads to major accidents.

Turn off the cylinder immediately:

If you suspect a gas leak, take immediate steps to turn off the cylinder to prevent gas from leaking. During this time, avoid touching any switches and avoid trying to turn on the lights.

Turn on ventilation:

If possible, open the windows of the room so that fresh air can come in. This reduces the amount of gas in the kitchen and ventilation remains active. Also, avoid using any flame source, as this may increase the risk of fire.


Avoid the use of fire:

Avoid lighting the stove in case of gas leakage. Attempting to light a gas stove with a lighter may cause the cylinder to catch fire. Stay away from anything involving fire hazards.

Use a damp cloth to control leakage:

If the gas has spread excessively or the cylinder catches fire, try to extinguish it with a wet cloth or blanket. Additionally, consider calling the police or fire brigade for assistance. If possible, move to a safe place and give priority to saving your life and that of your family members.