LPG Leakage: If gas is leaking from the cylinder, do this work immediately, no untoward incident will happen!


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Gas connections have become a common convenience in millions of homes across the country, as people use LPG for cooking. However, due to negligence, cases of gas leaks have come to light, posing a risk of major accidents. Today, we are here to tell you what to do in case of a gas leak. Many times people ignore the smell of gas, which leads to major accidents.

Switch off the cylinder immediately:

If you suspect a gas leak, take necessary action immediately. Close the cylinder to prevent further gas leakage. During this time avoid touching any switches or attempting to light the flame.

Turn on ventilation:

If possible, open windows and doors to let fresh air into the room. It helps in maintaining ventilation in the kitchen. Avoid using any electrical switch during this period.

Avoid using fire:

Avoid using the stove in case of gas leakage. Attempting to light a gas stove with a lighter may result in a cylinder fire. Stay away from open flame or any source of spark.

Use a wet cloth or blanket to suppress the flames:

If the gas has spread significantly or the cylinder has caught fire, try to extinguish the fire using a wet cloth or blanket. Additionally, consider contacting the police or fire brigade for assistance.

Evacuate safely:

If the gas leak is serious and the situation is becoming critical, move to a safe place. Give priority to saving your life and that of your family members. Seek professional help from the fire brigade or police.