LPG Gas Cylinder: If your gas cylinder gets exhausted quickly then try these tips!


pc: amarujala

Today, most houses depend on LPG gas cylinders for cooking. While traditional chulhas were once prevalent in many homes, they often produced considerable amounts of smoke, causing respiratory problems for many women. To address this, the Government of India has implemented the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, which aims to increase access to LPG gas cylinders to households.

For those whose LPG gas cylinder runs out very quickly, here are some special tips to help you save gas and get the most out of your cooking:

Use a pressure cooker:

Using a pressure cooker to prepare your meals is a great way to save LPG gas. Cooking food in a pressure cooker significantly reduces the cooking time, thereby saving a lot of gas.


pc: amarujala

Keep the burner clean:

If you want to save an LPG cylinder. In such a situation, you should keep the burner of the LPG cylinder clean. By doing this your LPG will last longer than average.

Inspect the gas cylinder pipeline:

Regularly check the pipeline of your LPG gas cylinder for any leaks or problems. Addressing and fixing leaks promptly can prevent gas wastage.

Cook on low heat:

Select the slow cooking option over high heat. Cooking on low flame helps in saving gas and also enhances the taste of your dishes.