LPG Cylinder: This mistake related to the gas cylinder can cost you dearly, in case of a blast you will not get a single penny!


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Gas cylinders are used by crores of families across the country to cook food in the kitchen. This cylinder is provided by various companies. When you take a connection, you get a new cylinder every month.

Many people do not know some important things about gas cylinders, due to which they can cause direct harm and can also remain dangerous. If the regulator of your cylinder gets damaged, then you should install the regulator of the same company only. A regulator of any other company may prove dangerous.


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You can get the regulator replaced without any charge, but for this, you must have a subscription voucher from that company. The regulator has a lifetime warranty when replaced.

If your cylinder has a regulator from another company and an accident occurs, you may be denied insurance.


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Along with taking a gas connection, you also get insurance, in which if any accident happens, you can claim up to Rs 50 lakh.