LPG Cylinder Quota: Gas cylinders do not last even for a month, so be careful, because only so many are available in a year!


Millions of families across the country use gas cylinders for cooking, even though gas pipelines have been started in many cities, in most places, cylinders are used prominently.

Many families have larger homes, resulting in higher gas consumption. For such families, one gas cylinder will not last even for a month.

Now if you are also among those people then you need to be careful because gas cylinder also has a quota.

The number of subsidized cylinders you will get in a year is fixed. Besides, the total quota of cylinders has also been fixed.

Petroleum companies have put a condition that only 15 cylinders will be given per year per connection.

A total of 12 subsidized cylinders are provided in a year and you can buy three more without subsidy.

Households with higher gas consumption may opt for more than one connection. The rule of 15 cylinders has been implemented to prevent misuse or sale of cylinders.