LPG Cylinder: Government's big gift before Chhath, LPG cylinder prices reduced so much!


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The prices of commercial LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) cylinders have once again been reduced in four major metros of the country. Government-owned company Indian Oil Corporation has implemented these new prices from November 16. Just before the Chhath festival, the prices of commercial gas cylinders have been reduced by more than Rs 50.

Commercial cylinder has become cheaper by Rs 57.50 in metropolitan Delhi. After this, the price of a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder in Delhi has become Rs 1775.50. The price on November 1 was Rs 1833.

Prices have also decreased in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Now the price of commercial cylinders has become Rs 1885.50 in Kolkata, Rs 1728 in Mumbai and Rs 1942 in Chennai. On November 1, prices were Rs 1943 in Kolkata, Rs 1785.50 in Mumbai and Rs 1999.50 in Chennai.


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The prices had increased just 15 days ago. Exactly 15 days ago on November 1, the government had increased the prices of commercial gas cylinders by Rs 101.50. Earlier in October, the price of commercial gas cylinders was Rs 1731.50 in Delhi, Rs 1839.50 in Kolkata and Rs 1684 in Kolkata. Mumbai, and Rs 1898 in Chennai.

Meanwhile, domestic LPG cylinder prices marked in red have remained unchanged since August. However, the government is currently giving a subsidy of Rs 200 on it. Therefore, the price of a 14.2 kg gas cylinder is Rs 903 in Delhi, Rs 929 in Kolkata, Rs 902.50 in Mumbai and Rs 918.50 in Chennai. There was a change in the prices of domestic LPG cylinders in March 2023.


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Apart from this, the beneficiaries of the Ujjwala scheme are also getting a subsidy of Rs 200 from the government. Due to this, the price of domestic LPG cylinders for the beneficiaries of Ujjwala Yojana has become Rs 603.