LPG Cylinder: Before buying a gas cylinder, please check its weight, if it is less then complain here!


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People use LPG cylinders for cooking at home and recently the government has reduced the prices of these cylinders.

People often receive complaints regarding gas cylinders. Some complain of leakage while others feel that there is less gas in the cylinder.

Many times, gas is also taken out from the cylinder, due to which common people suffer direct loss and their cylinder does not last even for a month.


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This mostly happens with those people who are unaware of the rules related to the delivery of gas cylinders.

Whenever the delivery person from the gas agency reaches your home with the cylinder, you have the right to ask him to weigh the cylinder. If this does not happen then you can complain to the gas agency.


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The quantity of gas in a gas cylinder is 14 kg 200 grams, while the weight of an empty cylinder is about 16 kg. Therefore the weight of your cylinder should be up to 30 kg 200 grams.

Often there is a shortage of one and a half kilogram of gas in the gas cylinder, which causes loss to people. In such a situation, make sure to weigh the gas cylinder every time.