Low Blood Sugar: Your body gives these signals when blood sugar is low, follow this method if your sugar is low


Low sugar Symptoms: Diabetes is becoming a serious disease due to changing lifestyles and poor diet. If someone's sugar level has increased, then he can control it by controlling food and with the help of medicine or insulin. But do you know that the more serious the increase in sugar level, the more dangerous the decrease in blood sugar level? Low blood sugar is called hypoglycemia. Although this problem can happen to anyone, if you have the right information about it, then you can treat it immediately if symptoms appear. Let's know the tips to control low blood sugar.


Symptoms of low blood sugar
Headache occurs when blood sugar is low.
Trembling, dizziness, hunger, confusion, irritability, and increased heartbeat are also symptoms of low sugar.
Yellowing of the skin, sweating and weakness
Seizures can also occur if these symptoms are ignored.
If blood sugar is low, if it is not treated on time, then there is a danger of going into a coma.

Why does sugar get low?
Low blood sugar can be due to many reasons.
Excessive use of medicines and insulin injections can reduce the sugar level.
If diabetic patients skip food or eat less food, then their blood sugar can be low.


Tips to control low blood sugar level
1. Check blood sugar every day on the doctor's advice.
2. Leave after having breakfast before going out of the house.
3. Eat carbohydrate-rich snacks when blood sugar is low.
4. If blood sugar is low, do not feed sweets, or chocolates to increase it. Consume sugar, jaggery, and glucose powder.
5. You can drink half a cup of fruit jute.
6. By drinking ORS solution, the blood sugar level is maintained when it is low.
7. Drink a cup of milk. You can also take one spoonful of honey.