Litchi Ginger Shikanji: Make Litchi Shikanji beat the heat of summer, mood will be fresh..


Litchi Ginger Shikanji: With the onset of summer, this cooling recipe made with litchi and ginger will refresh your mind. Learn the easy method of making it-

Material :
8 fresh litchis (seeds removed), peeled

-3 pieces of fresh ginger


4 teaspoons fresh basil leaves (for garnishing)

-4 teaspoons fresh basil leaves, chopped

-50 ml jaggery syrup

-500 ml cold drinking water

-3 ice cubes

Method :
1. Blend litchi, basil leaves, jaggery syrup, and cold water with the help of a blender.

2. Crush the ginger pieces a little and add them to the drink.

3. Keep it in the fridge for an hour.


4. After this put 3 ice cubes in the glass and garnish with chopped thai basil leaves.

5. It is now ready to serve.