Lifestyle: Women cannot wear mini dresses in these places of Russia! ban on jeans and piercing


Russia Fashion Taboos: Everyone knows that fashion is a way of expressing oneself. Fashion also has an important contribution to increasing our self-confidence. We can carry the dress of our choice as per our wish. But this rule of fashion does not apply in many countries of the world. Yes, after reading this, you must be thinking about Islamic countries, and then your assumption is wrong.


You will probably also be shocked to hear that Russia is also one of those countries where women are not allowed to wear mini skirts. There are many places in Russia where women wear traditional dresses for hundreds of years. Let us know about those places in Russia where women cannot wear revealing dresses like mini skirts.

Hundreds of tourists come to visit the Republic of Dagestan in Russia. The atmosphere here attracts a lot of people. But a year ago, a signboard was put on the most popular Sulak Canyon here, which said that wearing shorts, short skirts or swimsuits is prohibited at this place. That's why people here also wear full clothes.

Chechen Republic
The Ministry of Tourism of the Chechen Republic has used a modern way of telling people about their dress code. The ministry has given information about a dress code on its Instagram. Chechen women do not wear skirts above the knee. They are advised to wear tight-fitting trousers.

The wardrobes of the women of Ingushetia are similar to those of the neighbouring Chechen Republic. Islamic traditions do not allow local women to wear short skirts or shorts. Instead, they have to wear long clothes that cover half their knees and shoulders. The tourists coming here also follow the local tradition.


Even in Mordoviaa a few years ago the wearing of miniskirts in school was officially banned. Jeans, cleavage and piercings are also included in this list.