Lifestyle: Does Peeing After Sex Eliminate Your Chances Of Pregnancy? Know what health experts say


Couples who are in the process of becoming parents follow various rules regarding conception. Many myths are also involved in this. For example, women do not go to urinate after sex. Because they think that they leave the body of the woman. Due to this, the chances of getting pregnant are reduced. But an expert has dismissed it.


Dr Vijaya Sherbet, Consultant (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) told that urinating or cleaning the vaginal area after sex does not reduce the chances of conception. told The Indian Express that pheromones produced by a woman's body attract sperm cells, which once deposited move freely (with the help of their tail). The white fluid that comes out of her body after sex is the vehicle that transports sperm.

They say that urinating after sex can have health benefits. Urinating can help flush out any bacteria from the urethra. Thereby reducing the risk of developing UTI.


The doctor further explained that urine exits the body through the urethra. But the vagina i.e. vagina is the place where semen is ejaculated during sex. You may notice that when you stand up to pass urine after sex, some seminal fluid may leak out. This is normal. Even though some semen (containing sperm) is passed out of the vagina, there is still enough sperm left to fertilize the egg.

This means that urinating after sex has nothing to do with preventing pregnancy. Rather you keep diseases like UTIs away from yourself. If you are also on the way to becoming pregnant, then remove this illusion and go to the bathroom to clean yourself after sex. So that we can avoid many types of diseases.