Life Mantra: If you don't feel like working and your mood is often bad, then follow these measures...


Life Mantra: Anger and tension are harmful to any person's life. It often happens that small things spoil your mood. This kind of behavior of yours also affects the surrounding environment. You start getting away from family, partners, and friends. You also feel many symptoms of a bad mood. Like it is possible that you may not feel like doing any work. Do not feel like going home or office. In such a situation, you prefer to be alone. Neither wants to talk nor spend time with anyone.


Sometimes you even feel like crying unnecessarily in private. Some people start thinking about suicide. It is a matter of concern that even after showing these symptoms, people do not understand what is the problem with them. All these symptoms are of depression. In the event of stress or depression, the brain stops working. Which becomes harmful to your life. Let us know if you are also feeling these symptoms, then through which measures you can get relief from it.

Ways to improve mood
-First of all, try to fix your mood. For this, if you include such food in your diet, then it will be beneficial for both health and mind. Consume more salmon, walnuts, etc. Apart from this, you should consume dry fruits, fish and vegetables, etc. Bananas and fish can be included in the diet.

-Most people start consuming alcohol and cigarettes in a state of depression. But drugs do not get you out of depression, rather push you more toward this state. So when the mood is bad, do not consume alcohol at all. In this state, alcohol can have a wrong effect.

-Meditate to uplift your mood. Yoga and meditation lighten both the mind and the body. Meditate to clear your mind of the things that make you feel bad.

-Listen to inspirational quotes and speeches to lift your mood. Spirituality can also help you. By including such things in your life, you will remain optimistic.


-People want to be alone when the mood is not right. But you can plan a hangout with friends or family so that your situation does not get worse. Go on a trip so that the mood changes when you change the place.