LIC Jeevan Shanti: How to get Rs 1 lakh annual pension? Learn here!


LIC Jeevan Shanti plan is a pension plan that assures investors adequate returns. Under this single premium plan, the policyholder has the option to choose between Single Life and Joint Life Deferred Annuity.

You can retire with a good pension if you invest in this solid scheme. People invest in various sectors to get a comfortable pension in the future. Life Insurance Corporation of India has launched a scheme called LIC Jeevan Shanti which is designed for people who want monthly, half-yearly, annual, or quarterly regular income. The policy requires a minimum investment of Rs 1.5 lakh.


You can also get a monthly pension of more than Rs 1 lakh under Jeevan Shanti Yojana. LIC has recently updated the annuity rates of the Life Insurance Corporation of India. Now the policyholders will get more pensions in return for their premiums.

Those people who want early retirement also get the benefit of this scheme. With just one premium, policyholders can achieve their objectives.

There is no maximum investment amount. You are free to pay as much as you want, based on your desired monthly income. As per the LIC calculator, if you want a generous monthly pension, you will have to pay a hefty pension.


So if you want 1 lakh rupees monthly pension then you have to invest 1 crore rupees for 12 years. After 12 years you will get Rs 1.06 lakh per month salary. If you want to invest only for 10 years, then you will get a monthly pension of Rs 94,840 per month as pension after maturity.

If you feel that you only need a monthly pension of Rs 50,000, then you need to invest only Rs 50 lakh. If you invest for 12 years, you will get a monthly salary of Rs 53,460 per month.