Lemon Water Side Effects: Drinking too much lemon water is also dangerous, these 5 serious problems arise in the body


Lemon Water Side Effects: Drinking a glass full of lemon water in the scorching heat and hot sun helps a lot in keeping the body cool. Lemon water saves you from the problem of dehydration and frequent thirst in summer. Now as summer has come. People will now go ahead to eat and drink such things, which work to keep the body cool even in the scorching heat. No doubt drinking lemon water gives instant energy and relief from heat to some extent, but if you consume it excessively, then there can be many bad effects on the body.


Lemon is considered a good source of Vitamin C, which helps in fighting diseases of the body. However, consuming too much of anything is dangerous. Let us know how excessive consumption of lemon water can have bad effects on your body.

Disadvantages of drinking too much lemon water
1. Stomach problem:
Drinking lemonade mixed with honey on an empty stomach helps a lot in digestion. However, consuming too much lemon water can cause a burning sensation in the stomach, and the digestion process can also slow down, due to which there can be complaints of stomach pain.

2. Dehydration Problem: Lemon water helps in removing toxins from the body. However, you will be surprised to know that drinking too much lemon water can make your bladder swell, which means you will need to go to the toilet again and again. Excessive loss of water from the body can lead to dehydration. This is the reason that after drinking lemon water, drink plenty of water as well so that dehydration does not happen.

3. Tooth decay: Lemon juice is very acidic and drinking too much of it causes tingling in the teeth. Tingling can increase with time, which causes tooth decay. If you have a sensitivity problem in your teeth, then you should limit the intake of naturally acidic foods, such as lemon.


4. Hair gets damaged: Lemon also has bad effects on the hair. Applying lemon directly to the hair can give bad results. It can make your hair dry and turn prematurely white. Lemon has acidic properties, which can steal nutrition from your hair.

5. Migraine: People suffering from migraine attacks should always avoid excessive consumption of lemon. Lemon and other citrus fruits cause severe migraine problems.