Laziness in the afternoon will go away, these healthy and tasty snacks will give you energy!


While working in the office, one starts feeling sleepy and lazy in the afternoon…this is not the problem of just one person but most people have this complaint, even if they have started their day completely full of energy. In the afternoon it seems that you should just find a good bed and take a nap for some time. This also affects work a lot, hence people mostly depend on tea or coffee to feel fresh. However, there are some snacks which are tasty as well as healthy and give you energy.

You often feel lazy and sleepy after eating food in the afternoon, the reason behind this could be that perhaps you are eating food high in salt and carbs in lunch. Apart from this, there are also factors like irregular sleeping patterns, using mobile or computer for a long time, and drinking very little water due to which you may feel low energy during the day. For now, let us know about such healthy snacks which will keep you energetic during the day.

Eat sprouts

To avoid laziness during the day, it is important that you take a healthy and light lunch. Whereas sprouts are a good source of protein, fibre, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Therefore, you can take sprouts of different seeds for mid-afternoon snacks.

Dry fruits and nuts soaked in water

For mid-snacks, you can take dry fruits and nuts soaked in water. With this, you will get a good amount of protein and healthy fats which provide instant energy. This will make you feel fit.

Eat boiled egg

Eggs contain a good amount of protein and healthy fats, They also help in maintaining blood sugar in the body, due to which you do not feel lazy and energy remains. Therefore, you can take boiled eggs.

This healthy drink will give instant energy

To get rid of afternoon sleep and laziness, drink Sattu and coconut water drink. Sattu is rich in protein as well as many nutrients and is very beneficial in summer due to its cooling nature, while coconut water acts as an electrolyte. And along with keeping you hydrated, it will also give you energy.

Say bye-bye to these things

If you want to keep yourself energetic in the afternoon, then it is important that you say bye-bye to packed energy drinks, tea and coffee, because tea and coffee contain caffeine and excessive consumption can cause dehydration in the body. All these drinks are sugary which can increase blood sugar, making you feel more sleepy instead of fresh.