Krishna Janmashtami: Why did Shri Krishna have to leave his birthplace Mathura? Read here!


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Today in many states, the festival of Krishna Janmashtami is going to be celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety. There are many interesting stories related to Janmashtami in Puranas. Janmashtami has special significance in many religious places including Mathura, and Vrindavan. Many stories from Lord Krishna's childhood to youth are told among the people. But why did Lord Krishna have to leave his birthplace Mathura? do you know the reason? Let us know.

Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, was very dear to him. His entire childhood was spent in the areas of Gokul, Vrindavan, Nandgaon, and Barsana. Shri Krishna freed his parents from prison by killing his cruel maternal uncle Kansa. After this, at the request of the people, Krishna took control of the entire kingdom of Mathura. But after killing Kansa, Jarasandha became a staunch enemy of Krishna. Jarasandha wanted to expand his empire so he defeated and killed many kings. Jarasandha's aim was to take revenge on Krishna by capturing Mathura. Therefore he attacked Mathura 18 times. But many of them he failed to conquer Mathura.

The people of Mathura were tired of continuous war. So Krishna decided to leave Mathura along with all the citizens. Shri Krishna had made this policy that he would fight for a certain, chosen place without running away from the battle. Then Krishna established the city of Dwarka. The entire city was fortified on all sides for security. After that Krishna ruled this new city for 36 years. Lord Krishna is the son of Devaki and Vasudeva Anakadundubhi. Lord Krishna's birthday is celebrated as Janmashtami. In Vaishnava tradition, Krishna is considered the supreme deity. According to the Puranas, Krishna was born on the eighth day of the month of Bhadrapada.