Knowledge: You must have always seen a black road, but this country has a blue road! This was done because of

1 mm on a road in Qatar. A thick blue coating has been applied.

Be it India or America... you must have seen in the pictures that the color of the road is blue everywhere, but Qatar is such a place, where the color of the road is also blue. In such a situation, know what is the reason behind this.

Whether you have seen pictures of foreign countries or cities around you in videos or photos. Everywhere the road is black. Have you ever seen such a place, where the color of the road is not black, but it is colorful? You will hardly notice such a place. However, a pilot project was launched to replace the road with black in Qatar, in which the roads have been painted blue. Imagine what the blue color would look like on the road…

This color has not been done to make the road look attractive, but there is an important reason behind it as well. By the way, the experiment of painting the roads with a different color other than black was done in Qatar. This was done in Doha, the capital of Qatar, after which it was discussed a lot. Qatar's administration started this pilot project in the year 2019, in which some streets of Doha were painted blue. In such a situation, we know why the administration decided to do this and what was the benefit of doing so…

Is the road made in blue?

In fact, earlier, like other countries and cities, there was only a black road, which was painted blue. For this, a coating of blue AC paint has been applied on the road i.e. it has been changed to blue later. So far this has been done only in some areas of Doha. Now the question is, why has the administration there done this…

Why was it painted blue?

The government has taken this decision regarding the rising heat. An attempt has been made to reduce the temperature of the road through this blue color and it is also getting a lot of benefits. It is believed that after applying this special type of coating on any road, there is a difference of 50 percent on the temperature there, in which the temperature can be as low as 20 to 25 degrees. This is being done to control global warming and rising temperatures.

Let us tell you that on one of the busiest roads of the city, 1 mm. A thick blue coating has been applied. Along with this, to see the effect of an increase in the number of cycles and pedestrians, a route has also been earmarked near Katara Clutchral Village, 200 meters long. The purpose behind painting these roads blue is to see the effect of temperature control. Apart from this, sensors for temperature have also been installed here to see temperature information. Scientists estimate that the coating done as an experiment can reduce the radiation of the sun by up to 50%.

It is worth noting that many other countries have also done this. According to reports, countries like Los Angeles, Mecca, Tokyo are included in this list, which has done this as an experiment. In Doha, it was used for the first 18 months, after which it has been done and blue-colored roads have been built. Let us tell you that Qatar is currently preparing to host the FIFA World Cup to be held at the end of this year.