Know these facts related to crying, there are many benefits


When a person is emotional, the endocrine system triggers the eye area to release hormones, which are full of tears in your eyes. Simply put, when someone is sad, he starts crying. Even if you stop her from crying, but do you know that crying also has many benefits.

Eye bacteria are destroyed – The tears coming from the eyes contain an element called fluid lysozyme which is found in semen, mucus, saliva. This element can kill 90% of the bacteria in the eyes.

dry eyes

Mind is lighter – When you cry emotionally, tears release a leucine-enkephalin. It is an endorphin that uplifts your mood and reduces pain and makes you feel better.

Fighting can happen – Many times you must have noticed that when you cry, you start getting angrier. When you are emotional, your brain releases stress hormones, which make you angry.

Diabetes and Eye Health: If you are a diabetic patient, then include these things in your diet for eye health

Heavy voice – You must have often seen that the voice of a crying person becomes heavy. The stress hormone cortisol causes a tightness in your throat and slows your breathing. Discomfort in the throat is called globus sensation and you feel as if the throat has become heavy.

Exchange of emotions – When you cry, your expressions change, so that others can understand that you are in pain.