Know from Influencer which habits related to makeup give glowing look, perfect makeup look will be seen every time


Makeup Tips: Whenever we see Instagram influencers doing makeup, we wonder how their makeup looks so perfect all the time. If you also come in the count of those people who have difficulty in applying foundation, concealer is not applied and how to set makeup, etc., then learn from Beauty Influencer himself, how to perfect methods Make-up can be done with. Beauty influencer Malvika Sitlani keeps sharing makeup-related tips and tricks daily. These tips can be useful for you too.


How to do perfect makeup
Applying less foundation
According to Malvika, less is more, that is, for a good makeup base, you do not need to apply a lot of foundation on the face, but you can apply a perfect makeup base with less foundation. With this, the makeup will look more natural than before and will also feel light on the face.

How to apply concealer
Many influencers tell a way of applying concealer in which they apply concealer under the eyes in a triangular shape and blend it. But, according to Malvika, you do not need to do this, rather you can apply concealer dot-dot and this blend will also be better on the under eyes.

Keep eyebrows thick
Thin eyebrows were once upon a time everyone's first choice, but now thick eyebrows are the trend. According to Malvika, keep eyebrows thick and do not forget to set them during makeup. You can use eyebrow gel or powder to set eyebrows.

Creamy Products
Makeup products like blush come in cream, liquid or powder form. Cream products prove to be better than powder products for Glossy Makeup Look. Cream blush gives a glowing look to the face and it is also easy to blend.


Glossy lipstick
Malvika prefers to apply glossy lipstick over matte lipstick for the perfect makeup look. Matte lipsticks can leave lips feeling dry while glossy lipsticks feel lightweight on the lips, are non-drying and blend perfectly with glossy makeup.