Kitchen Hacks:-Hot water can be very useful in the kitchen; do you know these 5 hacks?

hot water

In the winter season, we use hot water for bathing and washing dishes, but do you know that hot water can be used for many other things. Yes, you can use hot water very easy to handle many kitchen tasks and it will prove to be very useful in winters. No-no, we are not talking about using hot water to open the lid of a glass vessel, but more important things. 

Kitchen hacks are very important and hot water can help you do a lot from cleaning the kitchen to unclogging the sink. Today we are going to tell you some easy hacks related to hot water. 

1. Use hot water to remove labels from utensils-

New utensils such as steel bowls, spoons, plates, etc. have a paper tag attached to them and they freeze. It does not come off even after rubbing it several times. In such a situation, if you want to remove it quickly, then dip it in very hot water for a while and keep it. It will come out so easily that you will not have to rub the utensils or use any other method. 

If you feel that the glue of the tag on the utensils does not spread any dirt and it comes out very well, then you can add a little lemon juice or white vinegar to it. 

2. To remove the frozen butter, cheese, etc.-

If you have put butter in the fridge, it will be very difficult to remove it. It doesn't feel well on bread etc. at all. In this case, you can use hot water. No-no butter will not need to be put in hot water but just put the knife in hot water from which to remove butter. Many people heat the knife directly on the gas which is not good. In such a situation, butter, ghee, cheese, etc. can be sliced ​​easily by putting the knife in hot water and removing it. 

3. Cleaning the Kitchen Counter-

If you have oil stains on your kitchen counter, window, gas, etc.  

Your kitchen counter will shine brightly and at the same time, the dirt, dirt, and odor accumulated in the kitchen counter will also be removed. You can clean all the surfaces of the kitchen with this.  

4. Fix the clogged sink with hot water-

If your kitchen sink is clogged, you can fix it with hot water. For this, mix a little vinegar in very hot water and pour it inside the sinkhole. Anything that's frozen will come off the pipe easily, and your sink will be fine without a plumber.  

5. Use hot water to remove food stains- 

You can also use warm water to remove food stains. Whether it's on the ground or clothes or the kitchen counter, the trick is the same for everyone. Mix 1 teaspoon of ammonia with warm water and clean. It will be very easy to clean and you will not even have to rub it. Yes, if you have colored clothes, then add lemon juice instead of ammonia because ammonia can completely remove the color.