Kitchen Hacks:-Dates can be stored in this way at home, they will not spoil quickly


Consumption of dates is good for health. Regular consumption of dates has many benefits, so most people include them in the diet. However, dates are one of those ingredients whose moisture retention is extremely important. Once a date is dried, its taste starts to deteriorate, and then it is no longer edible. Not only this, by keeping it in an open place, it quickly comes in contact with ants. Sometimes it also gets moldy, so it should be stored properly.

Dates can be stored in many ways. Many times we buy dates in large quantities, in such a situation, if they are not stored properly, they get spoiled quickly. You can try the methods mentioned here to keep dates fresh for a long time.

Store dates in a jar

Never keep dates in open space. Keep it in a clean glass jar. Clean and dry it thoroughly before placing it in the jar. Try not to keep the dates stuffed in the jar. Doing so will spoil it quickly. Can be kept on the kitchen counter or in a cool place. Keep it out of the sun or hot air. Also, keep it away from the stove and oven. Many times the dates also start spoiling due to lack of proper maintenance.

Store dates like this in the fridge

Some dates are very soft from the inside, which if kept open for a long time become hard. In such a situation, you can store the dates in a zipped bag. If you want, you can fill it in a carton box and store it in the fridge. Take it out of the fridge every day and eat it and then put it back in it. Soft dates cannot be stored for long. Eat it within two weeks and finish it. 

Dates can be stored for 6 months

If you want, you can store dates for up to 6 months. Being sweet, it comes in contact with ants quickly. In such a situation, you can fill it in a jar and keep it closed with blotting paper. If you want, you can also use an airtight plastic box. To keep it fresh for a long time, keep it in the fridge. Dates that appear slightly dry can be stored for a long time. If you want to store it for up to 6 months, buy slightly dried dates instead of soft ones.

Use freezer bags

You can use a freezer bag to keep dates fresh for a long time. Remove the air before placing the dates in the freezer bag. Apart from this, you can also use airtight containers. Do not keep the dates in the container there. Every day, when you are taking dates to eat, check them once up and down