Kitchen Hack: Garlic will be peeled in 30 seconds, this kitchen hack can prove to be very useful for you!


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Garlic is made from several cloves. After separating the buds, they have to be peeled before use in food. Because these peels are very tight. Even if a small part of the bark accidentally enters the mouth, there is a possibility of infection in the throat. That's why the peel has to be removed. Peeling garlic cloves is a very difficult and tiring task. It takes a lot of time and while peeling off, it also goes into the nail. This also causes pain in the nails. With that in mind, here are some easy tips for peeling garlic.

Separate the garlic cloves and put them in a vessel filled with water.

After keeping it in water for two minutes, take out the cloves of garlic and peel them from the nails.

You will find that it becomes much easier to peel the garlic cloves after soaking them in water. While peeling garlic cloves in this way, it is important that there is no pain in the nails.

If you cut off the ends of the garlic cloves with a knife and then place the cloves in a bowl of water for two minutes, it becomes easier to peel the cloves.


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Garlic cloves are microwaved for 30 seconds, but even then the skin peels off easily.

Garlic cloves take a while to heat in a pan but are easy to peel after that.

Wrap the garlic cloves in a muslin cloth. Hit it with a hammer or something heavy. After this, it becomes easy to peel the garlic cloves.


PC: lokmat.news18

Garlic is used to bring flavor to food. Garlic is also used in Italian, and Mexican cuisine.

Therefore, if garlic is always kept in the diet, then the body's ability to fight against infectious diseases can be maintained.