Kidney Healthy Tips: Know the quality of these food items, they help in keeping the kidney fit


Kidney Damage Symptoms: Every day you, we all eat food. There are different varieties of food. For example, a vegetable is prepared by mixing spices, potatoes, oil, salt, and chillies. Similarly, the consumption of juice is also considered beneficial. Spices and other food items present in the kitchen of the house are also considered very useful for different organs of the body. The kidney is considered a very important organ of the body. It works to remove toxic toxins from the body. But do you know that some food items can be included in the diet to keep the kidney healthy?


1. Cabbage is also beneficial
Cabbage is considered extremely beneficial for the kidney. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, folate etc. It strengthens the immune system and on the one hand, keeps the body healthy. At the same time, due to anti-inflammatory properties, the chances of kidney damage are very less.

2. Include Radish
Radish starts appearing in the market in winter. The special thing about radish is that it is an antacid. If someone has an acid problem then radish is beneficial. It makes the liver strong. Apart from this, potassium and phosphorus are rich in radish, which works to keep the kidney healthy.

3. Use of turmeric
The use of turmeric is considered very beneficial for the body. Turmeric works to improve plasma proteins in the body. At the same time, it works to balance the creatinine level and urea level. This keeps the kidney fit.

4. Consumption of Giloy
Alkaloids are present in Giloy. They work to protect the kidneys. Due to the aflatoxin found in it, the kidney remains safe. Along with being an antioxidant, Giloy also improves the immune system.


5. Eat ginger too
Where ginger gives relief from cough. At the same time, its use is also considered beneficial for the kidney. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties present in it, it becomes very effective. Along with reducing inflammation, it also works to reduce infection.