Keep yourself stress-free and happy in these ways

Vastu Tips: Take these measures to remove mental stress, you will get benefits

Working out releases happy hormones, which prove to help reduce stress and anxiety. During the workout, our body releases hormones called endorphins, which work to improve our mood. Exercising regularly also improves sleep patterns.


Cooking requires a lot of concentration. It is not just an art but a brain exercise. While stress dulls the senses, cooking makes all these senses active.


If you feel a lot of stress, then journaling can be a better way to overcome it. Start writing down your feelings, anger, and desires in a diary. This will give you a different comfort.

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The best way to relieve stress and be happy is to cultivate your hobbies. Whether it is dancing, painting, writing, or sports-related activities. This not only relieves stress but also increases your confidence.

New research reveals, drink 3 cups of coffee daily to prevent heart disease!

Drinking too much coffee also increases stress. Caffeine increases the hormone garcinol. The problem of stress arises due to the increase of these hormones continuously, while nicotine affects the shortness of breath and blood circulation.