Keep these things in mind while making a worship place at home!


According to Vastu Shastra, it is very important to have a temple in the house in the right direction. Let me tell you, many problems can be faced by building a temple or place of worship in the wrong direction. Keep in mind that the temple should always be built in such a way that while worshiping, our face should be towards the east. The north direction of the house is suitable for making a place of worship.

Many people build temples on the ground in their houses, but Vastu says that the height of the temple should be such that the place of God's feet and our hearts remains the same. According to Vastu, if your house is big then a separate room should be made for the temple. Even if there is less space, the place of worship should be made at a proper place in the house only by looking in the direction.

According to Vastu Shastra, dark colors should never be used in the temple. Yellow, green or light pink colors should be used in the worship house. Do not use two or three colors in the temple. It is right to paint the entire temple with one color.


For your information, let us tell you that some people worship by placing pictures of ancestors in their house of worship, but according to Vastu, it is not auspicious. Pictures of ancestors should never be placed in the temple. A separate stand should be made and a picture of the ancestors should be made.

It is right to make the wood of God's temple at home. If there is space, the temple can also be built with marble. A temple made of marble is also considered auspicious.